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Pearl Harbor and More Launches in Paperback


The devastating surprise attack by Japanese fighter planes on Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941 hastened America’s entry into World War II and changed the course of the war.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary, eight writers of wartime fiction published a collection of stories set around that date in different locations around the world. We’ve been so pleased with the e-book’s reception that we have decided to publish a paperback edition, which is launched today.

My own story in the collection, ‘The List’, is set in Western France. It’s loosely based on real events: the assassination of a high-ranking German officer in Nantes by Resistance fighters. The Germans carried out reprisals: 48 hostages were shot and a further 50 were designated for execution if the killers were not handed over. In the event, the 50 were reprieved.

In my story, Jewish Communist Joseph Mazelier is on the list of hostages but, owing to a mistake, he is not yet in custody. A widowed countess, Ida, a former opera singer, has the opportunity to help him. Will she or won’t she?

My particular favourite was The List by Vanessa Couchman, which has great potential to be expanded into an intriguing novel. (Bookmuse)

A wonderful story…Tense and evocative it brought to mind the work of my personal Historical hero Nicholas Winton. Wonderful. (Screenwiper)

Good plot and also well written. Easy to read and would be interested in reading more of her writings. (Amazon customer)

I thought it was brilliant. (Ellie Keaton, author of Women and War series)

The other stories in the collection are set at Pearl Harbor itself, in other parts of the United States, Northern Ireland, Germany and Singapore.

The paperback is available in all branches of Amazon at £9.99 or equivalent.

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Copyright © Vanessa Couchman 2017, all rights reserved.

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We moved to an 18th-century farmhouse in SW France in 1997. I'm fascinated by French history, rural traditions and customs. I also write historical novels and short stories.

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