Copywriting & coaching

I offer writing services to public and private sector clients in the UK and internationally. Please contact me via the contact tab to know more.

Corporate writing/copywriting

Sharpen up your corporate publications and reach your target audiences better and more cost-effectively. 

I have many years’ experience of writing annual reports, brochures and information leaflets, instruction manuals, bid and tender documents, research reports and many other types of corporate literature. I have also been a tutor on the Writers Bureau Complete Copywriter course.

“You have done a remarkable (and, I think at times, heroic) job with very unwieldy material.  I think it makes a good, cogent read, with clear and important messages, that does credit to the work that has gone into it.” (Healthcare Commission) 

 “A huge thank you for all your work and for the good working relationship I enjoyed with you.” (Ofsted)


Good business writing is crucial for getting the message across to your customers, staff and other stakeholders.  Objective and constructive criticism is the key to improving it.

I offer a customised coaching service for organisations trying to improve their people’s business writing skills.  This involves working with people who are currently struggling with report or other business writing and helping them to improve it.

My role is not to edit or re-write, but to help them to do it and develop their writing skills in the process.

“It really was a big help and … a positive experience.  I think an important part of what we did with you was to think through explicitly, with your objective view, how and why we were doing things a certain way.” (Research organisation) 

“I found it helpful to have the input of someone who had an understanding of what we were trying to achieve.” (Audit agency)

I love reading your views, so please feel free to leave a comment

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