Tales of Corsica series



Copy of Tales of Corsica

The Mediterranean island of  Corsica has always been a land apart, with its own distinctive culture and fascinating history. Like many before me, Corsica has ensnared me and I have visited six times. Even that isn’t enough to see everything or to do more than get under the skin of this tantalising place.

Nonza on Cap Corse

Nonza on Cap Corse, which has inspired me in so many ways

Kalliste, the beautiful one as the Greeks called Corsica, has provided endless inspiration for my writing. So far, this has produced two novels:

The House at Zaronza – set in early 20th-century Corsica and at the Western Front during World War I (new edition published April 2018).

The Corsican Widow – set in 18th-century Corsica and Marseille at a time when the island was fighting for independence against the Genoese yoke. (Published May 2018).

Further Tales of Corsica will include:

  • A World War II sequel to The House at Zaronza.
  • A novella about vendetta, a defining feature of historical Corsican society. Forthcoming 2019.


#4 Corte - River Restonica

River Restonica near Corte.