The Corsican Widow

Tales of Corsica series Book 2


Corsica, backdrop to The Corsican Widow

The Corsican Widow is my latest Corsica novel. Like The House at Zaronza, it’s based on a true tale. The novel also takes place in the village of Zaronza (an invented name) on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, and in Marseille, France.

The book will be available in May 2018. Check back for publication details or follow me on my Amazon Author Page, which will notify you automatically of publication. In the meantime, here’s a bit about it.

Corsica, 1755. The island is struggling for independence against its Genoese masters.

Can Valeria Peretti escape the destiny that is mapped out for her? She must marry an older, wealthy man, and a quiet, respectable life apparently awaits her. But a prophecy on the eve of her betrothal spells misfortune ahead.

As her life unfolds, Valeria’s attempts to fight against her fate bring her into conflict with the unbending moral code of Corsican society. She must make a choice between her personal wishes and social duty that will cast her far away from Corsica’s shores.

This is a story of love and injustice against the backdrop of an austere, traditional society.


Corsica has always been a male-dominated society. Women had limited life choices and suffered harsh penalties if they transgressed the island’s rigid moral code – as Valeria does. She has to struggle in order to influence her own destiny.

Copyright © Vanessa Couchman 2017, all rights reserved