Augustine, Alouette Trilogy Prequel

Augustine is a prequel to the Alouette trilogy and is available on Amazon Kindle.

Love conquers all. Or does it? 

Rural France, 1880. Augustine is not conventionally pretty and fears that she may never marry. Joseph rents his land and dreams of owning a farm one day. But without a wife and children, he lacks the help he needs.
When Joseph saves Augustine from a drunkard at a dance, they are immediately attracted to each other. They meet again, and the attraction deepens, but they face opposition from Augustine’s strict parents, who want better prospects for their daughter than Joseph can offer.
And dramatic events threaten to drive them apart.
Will Augustine and Joseph overcome the barriers? And at what cost?
Set against the rolling landscape and hilltop villages of Southwest France, this story is a prequel to the Alouette Trilogy. It can be read either as a standalone or before Book 1, Overture.

You can read Chapter 1 here.

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