French Collection: Twelve Short Stories

For fans of all things French, a collection of twelve short stories inspired by and set in France.

The landscapes and light of France have enthused writers and artists for centuries. Its rich culture and history provide the backdrop for these stories.

Can Arlette resolve her predicament while her sweetheart fights in the trenches on the Western Front?

By escaping to the countryside, will a woman be allowed to leave behind her troubled past?

The celebrated painter Edgar Degas wants to paint an exotic circus performer, but will the portrait live up to her expectations?

Can the unsightly Pierre get the girl he fears will never want him?

These are just four of the dilemmas that must be resolved by the stories’ end. Most of the tales are set in the past and some contain a hint of the supernatural. All are infused with the essence of France.

Available in Kindle e-book and paperback formats from Amazon and from other online retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple. 

Praise for French Collection

“Vanessa Couchman has a huge potential talent, and will be an author to watch.” Discovering Diamonds

“The characters are so well-drawn that the reader comes to know and care about them in a matter of a few short pages.” BookMuse

“I thoroughly enjoyed this little book and I’m not ashamed to say that I binge-read it!” Angela Wren, author of the Jacques Forêt Mysteries

“Thoroughly enjoyable snippets of life in France.” The French Village Diaries


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