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Tales of Corsica Series

Hidden letters come to light after more than a century and reveal a tale of star-crossed lovers against the backdrop of the rugged mountains of Corsica and the trenches of World War I. Read more about The House at Zaronza.


Transgressing the rules of a strict island society can have only one outcome – severe punishment. While Corsica struggles for freedom from its Genoese masters, Valeria must fight her own battles to save her life. Read more about The Corsican Widow.


L’Alouette Trilogy

Augustine is a prequel to the series. Book 1, Overture, is already published. Books 2 and 3, Intermezzo and Finale, will follow in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Rural Southwest France 1880. Augustine and Joseph both have reasons for wanting to marry. But they face opposition from Augustine’s strict parents, and dramatic events threaten to drive them apart. Read more about Augustine.


Marie-Thérèse has an overriding ambition: to become a professional singer. But are the odds stacked too heavily against a farmer’s daughter achieving her dream? Turn-of-the-century Paris and rural France are the backdrop for this story of vocation and determination. Read more about Overture.


Short stories

For fans of all things French, a collection of short stories inspired by and set in France. Read more about French Collection.


Writers Abroad Anthologies

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