I love hearing from readers of my fiction or prospective clients for my freelance work. So if you would like to contact me, please complete the form below.

But please, please don’t spam me or ask me to endorse or buy your product or service. Those go straight into the trash.

I will reply as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just responding to the not being paid line – seems the norm I fear and then – just as I was promised a cheque – the paper went bankrupt. I think I will just stick to writing for my website – though the new Eng Lang Paper – The Herault Times will be fun – if not paid!
    Nice blog by the way.


    • Hi Robin, I think we might have ‘met’ before via Survive France Network (on which I have to admit I have not been very active for a number of months). I also have a feeling that we both wrote for the same paper that went bankrupt. I have never been paid for an article they published in July 2011. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get paid these days. I’m starting to think that mopping people’s floors might be a more effective way of earning money…


  2. Hi Val,
    You must think me so rude but I had overlooked your comment and have been so busy recently that I have only just happened upon it. I’ve heard a lot about your site and have had a couple of looks – very good and much-needed – but haven’t had time to do more. Apologies again.
    Kind regards,


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