Short Stories & Flash

If you’d like to read some of my stories, you’ll find links below to places where they have been published. And an anthology of my short stories set in France is available in paperback and ebook (see immediately below).

Anthology of my short stories

If you’re a fan of France, or if you just like reading short stories, you might like this: a collection of my short stories inspired by and set in France, entitled French Collection: Twelve Short Stories (November 2017). Some of the stories have done well in short story competitions. French Collection is available on Amazon Kindle and in ebook format on other online retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple. A paperback version is also available, which makes a perfect gift.

French Collection Cover LARGE EBOOK


‘Twelve Years On’ in WestWord (September 2022)

‘Act of Kindness’ in Fiveminutelit (August 2022)

‘Pink Bikini’ in Funny Pearls (July 2022)

‘An Encounter Between the Poet and the Mantis’, in FlashBack Fiction (July 2022). Includes a recording of me reading the story

‘Condemned Souls’ in Flash FloodJournal, National Flash Fiction Day (June 2022)

‘Everything in its Place’ in Friday Flash Fiction (May 2022)

‘Eyes Like A Tiger’s’ in Sundial Magazine (April 2022)

‘Ready for the Words’ in Reflex Fiction (Sept 2021)

‘Faces’ in Reflex Fiction (May 2021)

‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’ in Flash Flood Journal, National Flash Fiction Day (June 2017)

‘Making Good’ in Writers Abroad Magazine Issue 5 (November 2016)

‘Breakdown’ in Christopher Fielden’s Adverb Writing Challenge (July 2016)

‘Bert Flow’s Parrot’ in BTS Book Reviews (July 2015)

‘ A Woman, a Dog, a Walnut Tree…’ in Writers Abroad Magazine Issue 1 (2014)

‘The Mission’ in 5MinuteFiction (2012)

‘Chronicle of an Ending’ in Flash Flood, National Flash Fiction Day (2012)

‘New Year’s Resolution’ in Flash Flood, National Flash Fiction Day (2012)


‘A Wonderful-Looking Man’:

  • Longlisted Reflex Flash Fiction (March 2022)
  • Longlisted Cranked Anvil Flash Fiction (November 2021)
  • Shortlisted Flash 500 Flash Fiction Competition (3rd Q 2021)
  • Shortlisted Strands Flash Fiction Competition (2021)

‘An Encounter Between the Poet and the Mantis’ shortlisted Flash 500 Flash Fiction Competition (4th Quarter 2021)

‘Like Nothing I’d Ever Heard Before’ shortlisted PureTravel Travel Writing Competition (2021)

‘Ready For the Words’ longlisted Reflex Flash Fiction Competition (2021)

‘Faces’ listed in Reflex Flash Fiction Competition (2021)

’Eyes Like a Tiger’s’ longlisted Strands Flash Fiction Competition (2021)

‘Eyes Like a Tiger’s’ shortlisted Flash 500 Flash Fiction Competition, (1st Quarter 2018)

‘The Sovereign’ shortlisted Finchley Literary Festival/Greenacre Writers short story competition (2016)

‘Making Good’ shortlisted Write Invite Cute Comp (2016)

‘Grains of Time’ runner-up Cambridge Fiction Award (2015)

‘Into the Abyss’ highly commended runner-up Global Short Story competition (2014)

First 3,000 words of The House at Zaronza runner-up in the Flash 500 Novel Opening Competition (2013)

‘Memory’ 1st prize in Writing Magazine 750-word short story competition (2011). Published in Writing Magazine

‘Outcast’ runner-up Cazart flash fiction (2011)

‘Muck’s Last Turn’ runner-up Cazart flash fiction (2011)

Previous short- and long-listings include:

  • Flash 500
  • Women on Writing
  • Unbound Press
  • 100 Stories for Queensland
  • Multi-Story Flash Fiction


‘Ready for the Words’ in In Praise of Pseudoscience, Reflex Fiction 5th Annual Anthology (2022).

‘Bert Flow’s Parrot’ in Far Flung: Celebrating a Decade of Writers Abroad (2020). Writers Abroad 6th anthology

‘Astray in Marseille’ in Doorways to the Past: Historical Short Stories (Ocelot Press, 2020)

‘The List’ in Pearl Harbor and More: Stories of WWII – December 1941 (2016)

‘New Year’s Resolution’ in Flash Flood Journal 1st Three Years (forthcoming)

‘Ashes to Ashes’ in Kaleidoscope (2015), Writers Abroad 5th anthology

‘The Prince and the Mistletoe’ in The Shambelurklers Return, ed. Marit Meredith (2014)

‘Angel Maker’ short story set in World War I, in Foreign and Far Away (2013), Writers Abroad 4th anthology

‘Bertie’s Buttons’ short story set in World War I, in Foreign Encounters (2012), Writers Abroad 3rd Anthology

‘Monsieur C’ piece set in France about a local character in Foreign Encounters

‘The Beekeeper’ short story set in Corsica, in Foreign Flavours (2011), Writers Abroad 2nd anthology

‘When to Eat in Corsica’ non-fiction article in Foreign Flavours

‘Going Back’ in Yesterday, ed. Marit Meredith (2011). It also includes my poem, ‘Yesterday and Tomorrow’

‘The Sparkler’ in 50 Stories for Pakistan, ed. Greg McQueen (2010)

‘The Good Neighbours’ in Writers Abroad Short Story Anthology 2010 (2010)

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