Doorways to the Past

I’m delighted to be involved in Ocelot Press‘s latest venture: Doorways to the Past, a collection of historical short stories and character interviews from five Ocelot Press authors, will be released on 30th July 2020. There’s something for all historical tastes in here.

Sue Barnard, myself, Cathie Dunn, Nancy Jardine and Jennifer C. Wilson have put together this collection. Yvonne Marjot, the newest Ocelot, has written the foreword.

Vocal characters!

All of the characters have appeared in some of our novels, and they haven’t left us alone, so we decided they deserved to have their say in their own stories and interviews.

The stories span the centuries from Roman times across the Dark and Middle Ages, through World War I, and up to the present day. This journey through time takes you from Scotland to England, and across to France, Corsica and Italy.

Astray in Marseille

My story, Astray in Marseille, takes a character from The Corsican Widow. For ages, I’ve been meaning to write about Francesca Vitello. She is a young Florentine woman, disowned by her family, who fetches up in Marseille in the mid-18th century. The story recounts her desperate attempts to find work and make her way in the city.

Doorways to the Past is now available on pre-order for Kindle on Amazon for 99p/99c. If you order now, that price is guaranteed, and you won’t pay anything until the book uploads automatically to your Kindle or e-reader on 30th July.

A paperback edition will be available soon, too.

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