Summer newsletter out soon

My regular author newsletter is coming out shortly with exclusive content for subscribers. In this edition: How French women’s fashions changed during World War I. An extract from a work in progress set in Corsica. A delicious (and easy) recipe for a summer soup. Book recommendations. Plus my writing news and news from the bookContinue reading “Summer newsletter out soon”

Ocelot authors write about their favourite historical figures

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Who’s your favourite historical figure? There are plenty to choose from! Some are eternally famous, while others might have been prominent in their own time but have slid from recognition today. Starting today, the Historical Writers Forum is organising a blog hop over a fortnight, in which seven historical fiction…

Five on Friday with Vanessa Couchman @Vanessainfrance

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Today I’m delighted to feature author Vanessa Couchman. Vanessa has lived in Southwest France since 1997. Being a self-confessed history nut, this is absolutely the right place for her since its perched villages and medieval towns are steeped in history. If like me, love France, Vanessa has a…

The Story Behind the Story: the Corsican Widow

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This week, Vanessa Couchman takes over the blog to tell us about the story behind her second Corsica novel, The Corsican Widow. I am a self-confessed history nut. I’m lucky, then, to live in Southwest France, which is absolutely steeped in history. Some of my novels and short stories are…

Book review: Vanessa Couchman, Augustine

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Today, on the blog, I’m featuring the wonderful Augustine, the prequel to the Alouette Trilogy. Having previously reviewed the first in the series, Overture, it was wonderful to go back to the start and meet Joseph and Augustine.  Here’s the blurb, to tempt you in… Love conquers all. Or does…

Augustine: Cover Reveal and Launch Details

Augustine, a prequel to the Alouette trilogy, has now been released. This is a novella (about half the length of a standard novel), set in rural Southwest France in the 1880s. It tells the story of Augustine and Joseph, who appear in Book 1 of the trilogy, Overture. My fab cover designer, JD Smith, hasContinue reading “Augustine: Cover Reveal and Launch Details”

Going Back in Time: Creating a Sense of Place in Fiction

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In our continuing series of weekly blog posts, Ocelot author Vanessa Couchman tells us about her research process. And she’s got a surprise for you at the end! For all historical novelists, research is a vital part of the writing process. Since I took a degree in history, I enjoy…

Cornflowers and Poppies: Symbols of World War I

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Symbol of Flanders fields Today is Remembrance Sunday, the closest Sunday to 11th November, the day the Armistice came into force in 1918. Tomorrow is a public holiday in France, and remembrance ceremonies will take place at war memorials throughout the country. Wearing a poppy is common in…