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Forgotten Revolutionary: Pasquale Paoli and #Corsica

Corte - Pasquale Paoli
Statue of Paoli in Corte, his heartland

Pasquale Paoli, who led the Corsican republic from 1755 to 1769, probably never considered himself a revolutionary. To him, the struggle to liberate Corsica from its Genoese masters was a nation state’s legitimate bid for independence and he regarded himself on a par with other heads of state. Today, he is much less well known outside Corsica than his compatriot Napoleon Bonaparte, and yet he was a towering figure of his era.

Corsica Historical Fiction

Women in Traditional Corsican Society

Corsican woman of a certain age.
Corsican woman, photo taken probably in the 1920s

Oppressed, subservient, insignificant? Does that accurately describe Corsican women in past times? Not always. That Corsica was a patriarchal society can’t be denied. But to portray the island’s women as downtrodden and overlooked is to over-simplify a complex situation.

A previous post explored marriage customs in Corsica. This time, I look specifically at the role of women, an important topic for my novel The Corsican Widow. My research has turned up some interesting contradictions.

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Views of #Corsica

View from our window at Nonza
View of the sea from Nonza

Come with me on a photo journey through some of the places and views on Corsica that have inspired my writing during our six visits there. I have taken hundreds of photos on Corsica, but these are among my favourites. I can feel a seventh visit coming on…

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Ten Inspiring Things About #Corsica: Part 2

View across the bay at Ajaccio
View across the Bay of Ajaccio

Here’s part 2 of my post about aspects of Corsica that I find inspiring as a writer. Some of them appear in my novels The House at Zaronza and The Corsican Widow, but all of them are things I want to keep experiencing. In writing this post, I have realised that 10 is far too few. So I’ll just have to keep going.

Corsica Historical Fiction Novels

Ten Inspiring Things About Corsica: Part 1

Rugged landscape of Corsica

Restricting this to just 10 things has been difficult. Below are five of my favourite Corsican things, places or experiences: find the next five here. They are all part of the landscape/history/culture that inspired my novels The House at Zaronza and The Corsican Widow and will continue to inspire my future writing about Corsica, whether fiction or non-fiction.